January Blues – Guest Post by Felicity Sidnell Reid…

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A few days ago, though it was sunny, the temperature on my back deck read -24 C. The snow squeaked in protest, if you stepped outside, and was difficult to move— even to make a narrow path for my dog, Danny, to make his way into the garden. Lucy, the cat, gave up on the outside world and wouldn’t go near the door at all. Elsewhere in the province the temperature has dropped to – 40 C. These quoted temperatures do not take wind chill into consideration, which can lower temperatures by over 10 degrees. Warnings about frostbite have been ubiquitous.

Cold temperatures seem to slow us down, freeze our joints, make us creakier than usual and more somnolent, readier to give up, even things we like doing, and retire to bed. Now, if we could all just hibernate!

On Monday morning, I heard on the radio that the third…

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