12 SEO Tips to Drive Traffic and Sell Books

Check out this post from the How to eBook blog with 12 SEO Tips to Drive Traffic and Sell Books

How To Ebook

By Lee Foster

Sometimes truly happy events occur in the life of a writer/author/publisher who is posting articles on a blog/website. The writer usually hopes to gain audience share, possibly ultimately selling more books or other “products,” such as paid talks and consulting.

Such an event transpired for me in September-October of 2018, regarding a single article.

Each year I look at this particular perennial article, freshen it up, and emphasize it to my audience on my website and in social media about September 1. That article has a two-month shelf life of popularity, as you will see. It is one of the 500+ articles on my website at Foster Travel.

I had modest expectations for this article on September 1. I suspected that, based on past recent years, I would get perhaps 400 new reads of this article in the…

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