Badger the Mystical Mutt and the Sparkle Bandits @BadgerMutt

Check out the book, Badger the Mystical Mutt and the Sparkle Bandits, as featured in this post from The Quiet Knitter blog.

The Quiet Knitter

** My thanks to the publisher for our copy of this book **


At the annual Cloud Summit in The Mopery, there s a dastardly plot afoot to snatch the North Star and stop its return to the North Pole. If the plan succeeds then the world will darken and Christmas won’t happen. Accompanied by a snow goose in pink wellies and an award winning super-dog, will Badger and his new friends survive The Bobsleigh Burrow and the Panic Station and manage to rescue the star before the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve? And will Badger really abandon his grumpy cloud friend Nippy Nimbus once and for all, to save Christmas? With so much at stake, the Mystical Mutt needs his haphazard spells to work more than ever.

Our Thoughts:
Although this was the first of the series that we’d read, I think it’s fair to say we…

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