Are Writers Choosing Quantity Over Quality?

Check out this post from Jessica Bakker’s blog that asks: Are Writers Choosing Quantity Over Quality?

Jessica Bakkers

So, a particular Twitter conversation recently got me thinking.

The Twitter convo was actually a poll, something to this effect; would you rather write 1000 decent words a day and be published every year, or write 100 outstanding words a day and be published once every 5 years.

No brainer, I thought. Who’d be happy to publish ‘decent’ writing just for the vanity (or greed) of being constantly published, when they could sacrifice time and have a truly wonderful book at the end?

Turns out, according to the poll results, more than half of people who answered the poll indicated they’d prefer to write ‘decent’ writing and get it published more frequently, rather than spend a longer time to hone and polish a marvelous piece.

At first, I was outraged. Then came dismay. But as I mulled on this surprising development, I began to wonder if perhaps I’m too –…

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