Do you want to be a faster writer?

Check out this post from Jean’s Writing Blog that asks: Do you want to be a faster writer?

Jean's Writing

And get your manuscript done in one draft? Not 10?

Me! Me! I do! I’m so excited to discover writing the way I do is not wrong. Just different. And that’s okay. Now I’m free to be me. And hopefully write faster.

One of my new all-time favorite bloggers is August Birch. I’ve written about him and his tips before.  But if like me you’d love to get your manuscript written in one draft, in one go then keep reading because August has a few great tips he learned from author Dean Wesley Smith.

  • Planning is fine but don’t let it bog you down. (often the best part of a trip is the side roads.) 
  • Outlines are not necessary to be a good successful writer. Yay for the pansters!
  • Keep an open mind about writing techniques. (No one size fits all.)
  • Write with the next book in mind and…

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