How to plan for a successful writing year

Check out this post from Jean’s Writing Blog that tells us How to plan for a successful writing year

Jean's Writing

Well, everyone knows I’m as slow as molasses about achieving my writing goals, but this year I’m gonna try harder to reach them.Tony Robbins quote We overestimate what we can do in a year and understatement what we can do in five
So, for those of us still working up the nerve to plan our writing projects, I found a really good and informative article. What I like about 2019 Writing Resolutions that Stick: How to Plan Your New Writing Year  By  August Birch
  • A resolution is not enough. Make a plan for each day.(Mine: write posts ahead of time and spend the rest of my time writing on WIP.)
  • Just like a map makes travel less complicated so a plan makes keeps you on the right writing track. (Stick to my plan.)
  • Opportunities abound for writers but so does competition. Compete better by practicing. (I will practice writing something every day.)
  • Breaking a big project down into smaller sections makes it easier. Sort of like eating…

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