A writing tip from Ernest Hemingway.

Check out this post from Kawanee Hamilton’s blog with A writing tip from Ernest Hemingway

Hello Everybody,

This is my very first helpful (I hope) writing tip post of the year. *Yay, throws book shaped confetti around*

I’m going to be looking at advice from various well known and respected authors. They may be modern or classic authors. I’ll be posting them as I find them and weighing in on what they say with my own personal experience and hopefully help someone else avoid mistakes I’ve made. Somewhere along the way, maybe I’ll keep someone from giving up, maybe I’ll help myself as well.

So, let’s dive in with a classic.

The first draft of everything is shit. -Ernest Hemingway

While he’s not wrong, I’ve found there’s the danger in following Mr. Hemingway’s school of thought. I disagree with him that the first draft is “shit”.

But why? Glad you asked, I’ve got two reasons for disagreeing with him.

1) Sometimes the first draft is everything. 

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