Social Media Throwdown: Facebook Groups – From the Writers in the Storm Blog

Julie Glover

This month, we’re doing a social media throwdown, where each of us give our take on how we address social media. You can read Fae’s post here.

My Love/Hate Relationship

I have a love/hate relationship with all social media. As someone whose half-century mark flew by more than a year ago, I’m still astounded by a free system of information sharing in which I can post something about my life and seconds later a friend in Australia can like or share it. Through social media, I’ve built and/or maintained friendships across many miles.

However, social media also allows people to obsess about small stuff, rant their opinions, criticize people without having to face them—not to mention that the providers of such technological magic are hardly wizards the likes of Dumbledore. They are far more cold and conniving with the information we share, using it to control what we see and market to us accordingly. But I digress…

And then there’s my personal quirk of being far more of a word person than a visual one. Any social media that relies heavily on images is not my cup of tea. So Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat? Sorry, but we will always be acquaintances more than close friends.

Read the rest of this post HERE.

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