Want Authorly Superpowers? Build a Street Team! – From the Writers in the Storm Blog

Angela Ackerman

Can we all agree that launching a book can be…a bit terrifying?

I’ve released six with co-author Becca Puglisi and we’re about to launch book seven. Those figurative butterflies? Yeah, they never go away. But guess what–this is actually a good thing! A touch of nerves keeps us alert, more apt to be prepared, and will cause us to think deeper about marketing methods that make a book launch easier.

On that note, one of the smartest marketing moves is to build a Street Team. This group of excited and highly motivated individuals have one important mission: to help you, the author, succeed.

Here’s a few things they might do:

  • Help brainstorm a marketing launch plan for a book
  • Mention any influential connections they have and offer to be the go-between
  • Share links, graphics, and content tied to the book to interest potential readers
  • Reach out to a library they use to bring in the book (and then reserve and read it)
  • Offer up their own blog for a “takeover,” pointing their visitors to the author’s launch event
  • Be an early ARC reader (to find any last-minute typos that may need fixing)
  • Be an ARC reviewer, ensuring online reviews are building up quickly at release
  • Blog a book review (that can then be shared by the author now and in the future)

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