How to Achieve your 2019 Writing Goals

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Uninspired Writers

Happy New Year, writers!

We’re almost a week into the New Year, and I know that everybody has been setting amazing goals, ahead of a fantastic year of writing, editing and hopefully publishing!

I wrote a post last year, on how to achieve your 2018 writing goals, so it seemed only right to offer some advice on achieving your 2019 goals too!

1. Embrace your dreams
First things first, embrace your dreams. Embrace being a writer. I wrote a post last year, highlighting 4 things that shift once you embrace that you want to be a writer. Being unpublished doesn’t make you any less worthy of the ‘Writer’ title. Once you embrace your dreams, you’ll have much more confidence in going out and achieving them.
untitled design2. Be micro-ambitious
Being micro-ambitious includes setting small, short term goals. They are quicker and easier to achieve than bigger, more long term…

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