Five For Friday: Opening Lines

Check out this great post from Joan Hall from the Story Empire Blog on the topic of Opening Lines

Story Empire

Hi SE Readers. Hope the New Year is starting out right for you. It’s the first Friday of the month (and the year), and that means it’s time for another Five for Friday post.

Recently, Staci Troilo shared about the importance of grabbing the reader in the opening paragraph, or if possible, the opening line. (Click here to read her post.) I had already been thinking about opening lines. Today I’m going to share the opening of five novels. Except for one book, I read these novels more than ten years ago. Obviously, they caught my attention.

The hell of it was that it couldn’t have been a better day for flying. Mirror Image by Sandra Brown

Right away, I think there will be a plane crash, and that opens up a realm of possibilities. Who dies? What happens to the heroine? From the title, I assume she has a…

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