Friday Writing Question: What if…?

Check out this post from Staci Troilo on The Story Empire Blog on the topic of using the What if… question when writing fiction.

Story Empire

Ciao, SEers. Three posts ago, I said I only had three posts left for the year. That was a bit misleading. I only had three “regular” posts left for the year. I didn’t include our Friday posts, of which I had one left. This one.

The question post.

When I think about fiction questions, one comes to mind. The questionThe one every author says to ask as you work on the tension and plot development in your story.

What if…?

I have a confession to make. I seldom, if ever, ask myself that as I’m outlining/plotting/writing. I tend to think in terms of actions and reactions (which coincidentally coincides with scenes and sequels), so I never have to wonder what will happen. If I know my characters (and I always do), I know how they’ll respond, so what will happen next in the story never really stumps…

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