Did You Do Everything You Wanted to This Year?

Check out this post from the Novelty Revisions Blog that asks: Did You Do Everything You Wanted to This Year?

Meg Dowell Writes

Your answer to this question is, most likely, no.

Not because you aren’t capable of accomplishing your goals — you are! — but because, well, you know. Things keep getting in the way.

But this might run deeper than you think.

If you didn’t do everything you hoped to do this year — in writing or otherwise — do you know why? And I mean REALLY why.

Ask yourself the real reason you didn’t do what you promised yourself you would do this year (finish writing your book, starting a blog, going to a writing convention, querying another round of agents). The truth might surprise you. Or not.

It’s not because of your dog or your schoolwork or the 10,000 unprecedented events that seemed to rob you of valuable days — maybe even weeks.

No. Those are just excuses you use to try justifying why you didn’t do what you…

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