Check out this great post from Staci Troilo on the topic of Endings from the Story Reading Empire blog.

Story Empire

Ciao, SEers. We’re wrapping up the series on beginnings, middles, and endings with (shockingly 😉 ) endings. If you missed our earlier discussions, you can find them by clicking the links in the beginning of this paragraph.


Novel endings are like novel beginnings in that you have a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time. You need to tie up all your plot threads in a satisfying and believable way, all while staying true to your theme and possibly setting up the next installment of the series. It’s also important to make certain your climax is in proportion to your escalating middle and your denouement is rewarding without being overly long.

The Climax

Readers should be able to anticipate the showdown between the hero and villain, but you want to craft a climax that offers a surprise of some sort—an interesting reveal, an unanticipated…

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