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Meet Guest Author, Anne Goodwin from this post on The Story Reading Ape Blog

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Myers Briggs, Jane Eyre and orange peel: Anne Goodwin on her other identities.

Despite the consistent message that consistency is fundamental to successful author branding, I’ve written a fresh bio for each of the books I’ve published so far. I don’t mean merely updating, but a complete makeover each time. Why? Because each book comes from a different part of me and, although reserved by nature, it feels right to share that part with the readers who’ve chosen that particular book.

The bio for my latest book, Becoming Someone, an anthology of short stories on the theme of identity, lists some of the non-writer identities I’ll admit to: sociable introvert; recovering psychologist; voracious reader; slug slayer; struggling soprano; and tramper of moors. Here I’ll elaborate a little each.

Sociable introvert

I love catching up with friends – but not too often, and preferably in the context of some other…

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