“Jehan de Brie: The Good Shepherd” – Guest post by Jean Gill

Check out this guest post by author Jean Gill from this post on Christoph Fischer’s blog


The wonderful writer Jean Gill has a new story / book out.

Nici’s Christmas Tale:1157 Aquitaine

A standalone short story in The Troubadours Quartet


and as a huge fan of her Troubadour Series I asked her to write a blog post on the occasion.

Here is the post:

Jehan de Brie: The Good Shepherd

I meet many fascinating people while travelling in the medieval world through books, songs and poetry but nobody has entertained me more than Jehan de Brie, a 14th century French shepherd. His guide to a shepherd’s work, ‘Le Bon Berger,’ tells us the story of his life and misadventures, as well as offering vocational advice.

Jehan’s early career did not go smoothly. At eight, ‘when children still have nits, start losing their baby teeth and have not developed any sense’, Jehan looked after the geese, protecting them against magpies, cats, crows and kites. He…

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