Photography 101: Image Previsualisation

Check out another great post in Stephen Dennstedt’s Photography 101 series from his blog.

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

Stephen F. Dennstedt

I like to think of my photography as a creative art form. I am more interested in the aesthetic of photography than I am the technical aspects of photography. But I know photographers who base their work on the latest technical techniques.

And some of their work is very artistic indeed and well thought out. Astrophotography (a relatively new genre in photography) immediately comes to mind and techniques like compositing, exposure and focus stacking are also in vogue today.

Previsualisation (seeing a final outcome in your head before it happens) is almost de rigueur for this kind of photography. I have a very hard time doing this because it sets me up for failure. As a child I had a modest artistic talent compared to my peers—it was both a gift and a curse. For the interested few you can find more details on the biography page of…

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