10 Tips for Proofreading Effectively

Check out this great post from The Book Editor blog with 10 Tips for Proofreading Effectively

Book Editing

Mark Twain knew full well how hard it is to proofread effectively. As he said in a letter to Walter Bessant in February 1898:

“You think you are reading proof, whereas you are merely reading your own mind; your statement of the thing is full of holes & vacancies but you don’t know it, because you are filling them from your mind as you go along. Sometimes—but not often enough—the printer’s proof-reader saves you—& offends you—with this cold sign in the margin: (?) and you search the passage & find that the insulter is right-—it doesn’t say what you thought it did: the gas-fixtures are there, but you didn’t light the jets.”

No matter how carefully we examine a text, it seems there’s always one more little blunder waiting to be discovered. You can minimize the possibility of errors by employing the following tips.

There’s no foolproof formula for perfect…

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