When People Say ‘You Work Too Much’

Check out this great post from the Novelty Revisions blog on what to do When People Say ‘You Work Too Much’

Meg Dowell Writes

Does anyone else ever get tired of the seemingly endless questions and comments about your health/well-being while spending your “free time” doing the writing things?

You know the ones.

You’re working too much!

No one should have to work 12-hour days!

Are you taking breaks? Sleeping? Having fun??

I get it. A lot of people work nine-to-five jobs and they get up to do that job and come home in the evening and their work day is over. Good for them! If they are able to balance work and their personal lives and they’re happy decompressing after a long day at the office, that’s great. I mean it.

But that is not how my life as a content creator is structured.

There is no “right” way. I am not wrong, and neither are they. You are not doing anything wrong if you go to sleep at night truly believing you…

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