5 Book Marketing Strategies to Boost Downloads Quickly

Check out this post from the How to eBook blog with 5 Book Marketing Strategies to Boost Downloads Quickly

How To Ebook

We know advanced planning is important when putting your book marketing strategies to work, but if we’re being honest, sometimes we need things to happen now, and having a game plan for boosting exposure and sales quickly, is key.

The book promotion ideas I’ve included below serve as a game plan, that you can repeat multiple times throughout the year. I recommend following this outline at least once per quarter.

If your book marketing plan includes multiple titles not in a series, you should rotate through them. If you have multiple titles in a series, follow the same roadmap for each title, in order, at relatively close, predictable intervals to build exposure and maximize on your minimal time and investment.

So we already agreed we’re short on time – so let’s get down to business!

read more https://www.amarketingexpert.com/5-book-marketing-strategies-to-boost-downloads-quickly/

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