We’re All Basically Writing the Same Things at the Same Time

Check out another great post from the Novelty Revisions blog that theorizes We’re All Basically Writing the Same Things at the Same Time

Meg Dowell Writes

“I can’t keep writing this story, it’s not original enough.”

Have you ever had this thought? The good news is, I think we all have, at some point or another. But one major difference between writers who “make it” and those who don’t is that writers bound for success keep writing, and those destined not to reach their goals just stop.

Is there even such a thing as a completely original story anyway?

Don’t they say that all stories technically originate from the same eight (maybe more, maybe less) tales?

If no story you’re telling is as original as you’d like it to be — even if you work in online publishing and every article you write seems like a not-so-distant copy of another publication’s idea (which they probably got from someone else) — what makes anyone’s work unique?

Think of the story of Cinderella. How many different times and…

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