Guest Writer Spot

Check out this Guest Writer Spot with author Bindu Midha as featured in this post from Esther Chilton’s blog.


Please give a warm welcome to Bindu Midha who is appearing in my Guest Writer Spot for the first time. She has written a lovely piece. Here’s a little bit about her before you read her writing:

A writer, teacher, and blogger, Bindu Midha is also a student at Writers Bureau and is on the verge of completing the Comprehensive Creative Writing Course. Incidents that strum the chords of her heart find an expression in blog posts and sometimes feature as stories on her blog  Occasionally she pens poems too.  She eagerly awaits the publication of her first book, which will be out in the markets shortly. In a nutshell, this English teacher of yore has an undying passion for writing.

Effable or Ineffable?


Bindu Midha

Their day began with a board game! Over a cup of sizzling morning tea, they played Ludo. A game really popular over…

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