Spotlight: J.D. Lakey’s “Warrior Witch”

The book, Warrior-Witch, by J.D. Lakey, is in the spotlight in this post from Michael Dellert’s blog.


A little over two years ago (“New Feminist Science Fiction Series Appeals to Readers of All Ages,” 25 Aug 2016), I had the pleasure of spotlighting author J.D. Lakey’s re-release of the first three books in her Black Bead Chronicles. Today, I’m happy to welcome her back for the release of her sixth and final installment in this important work of feminist science fiction, Warrior Witch, which is now available for pre-order on Amazon.


Warrior-Witch, by J.D. Lakey

In this much-anticipated final installment, Blackwind Pack is reunited and on the run, pursued by every group vying for control of the planet and the bloodstones. But Cheobawn and her Pack stay one step ahead as they navigate the River Liff, strengthening their bonds and playing Pirate to survive.

Warrior Witch, by J.D. Lakey Warrior Witch, by J.D. Lakey

Fans of the series, who laud its intricate world-building and fresh, creative storylines, were…

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