The Best Strategy to Beat Procrastination on Your Next Project

Check out another great post from the Novelty Revisions blog with The Best Strategy to Beat Procrastination on Your Next Project

Meg Dowell Writes

You know what’s not fun? Repeating the phrase “I’ll just do it tomorrow” for like 30 days and then realizing you really DO have to do it tomorrow and WHY DO YOU ALWAYS DO THIS

Procrastination is weird. Many of us continue to do it, knowing we should not continue to do it, because we keep putting off starting to not put things off. Did reading that hurt your brain as much as it hurt mine to write it? See, we could have avoided this BY NOT PROCRASTINATING.

So, basically, most of us say we’re going to stop torturing ourselves by not starting our work within a reasonable time frame preceding the due date. But we haven’t stopped yet.

You might be wondering, four paragraphs in, if I actually have a helpful solution to this common “writer problem.” Don’t worry — I do. It just might not be as exciting…

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