12 Unexpected Reasons You Keep Procrastinating

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Meg Dowell Writes

1. Distractions that don’t really feel like distractions.

2. You have yet to master the art of an effective “writing break.”

3. You have commitment issues. (Sorry!)

4. You work better under pressure (great!) but take it a little bit too far.

5. You’re not sitting down to create at your peak productivity intervals.

6. You’re unable to decide which project to work on so you don’t work on any of them.

7. You’re afraid you’ll create something imperfect.

8. You’ve been (wrongfully) taught mistakes in writing are bad.

9. You keep trying to tackle big projects all in one go. Projects are made of very small pieces.

10. You’re focusing too much on the future (“have written”) and not enough on the present (“am writing”).

11. You keep thinking writing will somehow get easier. It does not! You just get better at it.

12. You’re still learning patience. These…

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