Using Amazon KDP Publishing is Easy!

Check out these tips on using Amazon KDP publishing from Janice Spina in this post from her blog.


I recently published Book2 in my Abby&HollySeries (MG/PT/YA) with Amazon KDP Publishing. I was nervous because I have only published in the past with Create Space.




BARNES & NOBLE (coming soon)

Using Amazon KDP Publishing to publish your paperback or ebook is easy! There are three steps for each process to complete. First is the basic information such as your name, title and tags, etc. The next step is downloading your book and cover. The last step is pricing your book.

Suggestions to make this go smoothly:

1. Make sure you have formatted your book and left wide enough margins

2. Put in page breaks after each chapter so they will each line up on a new page.

3. If you make your own cover be sure to include the two cutoffs all around the edges when placing your title and name within these…

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