Guest Post: The Hat by C.S. Boyack #superhero #magic

Check out this guest post by C.S. Boyack on the Legends of Windemere blog. I’ve read his book, The Hat, and it is truly unique and utterly enjoyable.

Legends of Windemere


It’s always a pleasure to appear at Charles’ blog, and I really appreciate him opening his site up for a bit of October promotion. October has always been a good month for me, and it’s probably because I have so many paranormal stories to my name.

This year, I’m pushing The Hat. This one is a different kind of crazy for me. The hat is a creature from another dimension. He’s trapped here, under some specific rules, and bound by magic to a specific family.

Lizzie St. Laurent inherits the hat, and he takes her on an adventure into his bizarre world. They form a kind of symbiosis, and discover they can do more together than they can on their own.

This story is a lot of things, part superhero, part buddy story, part coming of age. Lizzie and the hat have different viewpoints on many…

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