5 Outlining Methods For Novels – From Rachel Poli’s Blog

There are so many different ways to outline your novel and everyone takes a different approach to the task. Outlining can be daunting to some while some writers look forward to the process. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to tell which method you should use on your particular novel. Here are 5 outlining methods for novels.

5 Outlining Methods for novels | creative writing | outlining a novel | novel outlines | blogging | RachelPoli.com


Also known as the traditional method of outlining, brainstorming allows you to sit and really think about what’s going to happen in your novel. You can divide your novel into sections and decide what will happen when. It will help organize the structure of your novel. You can use index cards, notebook paper, or post-it notes to work out each chapter or scene or however you decide to divide it up.

From there, you can either begin writing your first draft or move onto a different outlining method.

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