There Are Stories in Your Heart — Set Them Free.

Here is an inspiring post from the Novelty Revisions blog.

Meg Dowell Writes

Scientifically, all ideas form inside your brain. Your head is the place where dreams become goals and goals become plans. There is no doubt that the capabilities of a writer depend on their ability to both logically and abstractly use their minds to create stories.

But the most important part of storytelling — the emotions both you and your readers associate with it — forms in your heart.

OKAY, yes, I know that emotions are still exclusively a brain thing and your heart is not in control of how you feel. But in the poetic sense of the concept, the stories that stick with you most are the ones that touch your heart.

When a story calls to me — basically begging me to write it, which does happen, and it’s both awesome and terrifying — I can physically feel the pull. It starts in my chest and spreads, all…

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