What Makes Your Readers Relate to Your Writing?

Check out this post from the Novelty Revisions blog that asks What Makes Your Readers Relate to Your Writing?

Novelty Revisions

Whether you realize it or not, the stories you likely enjoy the most are the ones you can relate to on a personal level.

Sometimes, as a writer, you also unintentionally write stories that hit close to home for your readers. Eventually, you learn to do this intentionally.

My blog started out as many personal blogs do — filled with posts merely summarizing my day-to-day life and venting about the emotional roller coaster that was high school.

At some point I figured out that if I could weave these experiences into a reminder or lesson that anyone reading could learn from, a lot more people seemed to enjoy my posts.

So now, even though I try to talk about myself less and focus on my readers more, there’s a reason I haven’t taken the “I” point of view out of my blog. A site meant for writers, after all, should…

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