Can Authors Succeed With Social Media?

Check out this post from the How to eBook blog that asks the question, Can authors succeed with social media?

How To Ebook

“It’s all about the aggregate.  No single event, tweet, or special project on its own will sell a significant number of books.  But, if you keep doing all these useless, pointless things that have no impact, slowly but surely you’ll build a platform.”
Writing Without Rules (Writer’s Digest Books) by Jeff Somers
This statement makes absolute sense when you think about the way book marketing works today.
Authors rarely get a quick-fix for promoting a book or marketing their brand – it takes hard work and consistent persistence to break through, all with no promise of it even happening.  It takes a certain kind of mental attitude to have the courage to leap into book marketing, the willpower to stick with it despite all odds against success, and the mindful focus to always promote no matter the challenges, rejection, or tears.
It may seem, on a daily…

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