12 Reasons You Keep Letting Your Excuses Win

Check out this post from the Novelty Revisions blog with 12 Reasons You Keep Letting Your Excuses Win

Meg Dowell Writes

1. You don’t have a support system, so writing can’t always be your priority.

2. You’re easily discouraged.

3. You take failure too seriously.

4. You don’t know the difference between “tired” and “creative fatigue.” (One you can’t usually push through, the other you usually can.)

5. You don’t actually want to write, you just like the idea of having written.

6. You’re trying to write for the wrong reasons.

7. You don’t know how to manage your time.

8. You always do the least important tasks first, and leave writing until the very end.

9. You follow your distractions because you need to “relax” for “a few minutes.”

10. Life keeps getting in the way, and you keep letting it.

11. You want instant results to follow a minimum amount of effort.

12. You just haven’t figured out a writing routine that works for you yet. But you’re getting…

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