This Crazy English Language

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Hi SE Readers. Thought we would have a little fun today. I’ve often heard English is the hardest language to learn. That seems strange to me because I grew up speaking it, so it comes natural to me. My Texas twang notwithstanding.

But for someone learning English as a second language, I can see how it might be a bit difficult. Pronunciations and spellings I take for granted may not make sense to others. Silent letters, words that look like they would rhyme but don’t, plural forms.

For instance, if rough and tough rhyme, then why isn’t cough and bough pronounced cuff and buff?

Speaking of bough (a part of a tree), there is also bow (to kneel or courtesy). Bow can also be a noun as in a bow and arrow.

Some words sound alike but are spelled differently and have completely different meanings.

Jeff threw the baseball at…

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