These Two Sources of Help Strangely Compliment Each Other

Check out this post from P.H. Solomon on the Story Reading Empire blog with Two Sources of Help That Strangely Compliment Each Other

Story Empire

Hello to all the Story Empire readers! Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by the blog today. A few weeks back I wrote about obtaining help from some alpha/beta readers regarding one of my WIPS. Two of these readers were Story Empire’s own Staci Troilo and Craig Boyack who read the first part of a rough draft and provided feedback. But it’s these thoughtful responses and the ridiculous reactions from my family that complimented each other as a “secret sauce” when I needed it.

First of all, I was surprised at the speed of responses and I’m thankful for the helpful insights. Both Staci and Craig came up with some incredibly useful ideas. Staci pointed out, among many other things a number of development and style issues. Craig came up with his own list of helpful ideas and similar style issues.

The book is still in the early stages of…

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