One Surprising Question You May Not Ask Yourself

Check out this great post from P.H. Solomon from the Story Empire blog on the one surprising question you may not ask yourself.

Story Empire

Hello to all the Story Empire readers and thanks for visiting us once again today. I’m tasked with our Friday writing question this month so I’ve come up with one you may not consider. How big is your audience?

Most of the time we ask the question, who is your audience? While this is a very good question to consider regarding the demographics of readers that you are targeting and one you should keep foremost in your mind, how big your audience is will always be very important. This seems like a simple question and answer, however it’s one that has a deeper meaning, covering how many genres in which you write and much more.

How big your audience is does not depend on the size of your email list. Instead, it depends on how many total copies you have sold of your highest selling book. Audience size also applies…

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