Photography 101: When to Use Flash for Wildlife

Check out another installment of Stephen Dennstedt’s Photography 101 series from this post on his blog.

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

Stephen F. Dennstedt

When do I use flash for wildlife photography? Simple answer—almost NEVER. Why? Well I could get all highbrow (like I’m better than you) and tell you I always prefer to shoot in natural light (which I do). I like the look of natural.

But the simple truth is I’ve never taken the time to really learn flash. I’ve snapped shutters for over 64 years and I don’t know crap about artificial lighting. Laziness or fear? A little of both I suspect. Also I’ve never been interested.

I’m competent enough with most of the technical aspects of photography (cameras, lenses and settings) but it’s the aesthetic (artistic) part of photography (lighting, exposure and composition) that really gets my creative juices flowing. I’m not a deliberate photographer either—I don’t spend hours composing a shot with my camera on a tripod. I’m more of a run & gun photographer…

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