A Character In its Own Right

Check out this guest post from Fiona Lindsay, as part of Jane Bwye’s blog series on settings. This one has a focus on the setting as a character in its own right. Check out the original post on Jane’s blog.

Jane Bwye

Thank you, Fiona Lindsay, for providing a different slant to my blog series on settings for books this week. I was interested to see that in your books, Kirklochy becomes a character in its own right; that is just what one of my reviewers of Breath of Africa said about Kenya!

I hope everybody enjoys this piece as much as I did…

Fiona Lindsay

We all love a book which allows us to experience the place where we want to be – which explains why books set in Cornwall during the summer are always so popular; also, glamorous locations such as upstate New York or Monte Carlo – pure escapism.

IMG_20170524_141650 (1)

We also like a book set in a place we’re familiar with: we enjoy descriptions of places we recognise, and become more engrossed when the hero or heroine is walking down a street we know well. I believe this adds an…

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