Build Creative Muscles – Through PLAY! – From the Writers in the Storm blog

Christina Delay

A couple of weeks ago, I filmed a video interview with my six-year-old daughter on one of the elements of creativity: play.

She’s kind of an expert on play. Most kids are, but she had some really fantastic and insightful points about how adults need to relearn how to play. You can watch the full video on YouTube or over on the Creative Wellness Retreats blog, but today, I wanted to explore something she said that really hit me hard.


As her mother, let me translate: You can’t go back to being a kid again.

And yet, as writers, we use one of the biggest tools that a kid has at their disposal: our imaginations. Imaginative play has been proven to be one of the building blocks of not just creativity, but also the understanding that our thoughts differ from other people’s thoughts, overall social and language development, the ability to express and work through difficult emotions, physical development, and a higher level of problem solving.

Read the rest of this post HERE.

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