Character Observers in Crime Fiction by Lisa Ciarfella

Check out this guest post from Lisa Ciarfella on the topic of character observers in crime fiction from the No Wasted Ink blog.

No Wasted Ink


Well it’s a pleasure and an honor to be asked back to once again as guest blogger. Wendy’s asked me to chime in on my choice of the writing craft, so we’re talking about character observers in crime-fiction, the ones who help the sleuths solve the crimes and how they can help when writing in backstory.  It was Author Margot Kinberg’s latest blog post, “I Am the Observer Who is Observing* — at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist that got me thinking on all this…

So, how can the observer characters in crime-fiction help us write better backstory into our novels? In Kinberg’s post, she likens writers to those people in life who tend to be natural observers, hanging back and taking it all in. I tend to be like this, and I think most good authors probably are. In fact, we often like nothing better than to…

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2 thoughts on “Character Observers in Crime Fiction by Lisa Ciarfella

  1. Hey there Don, so cool of u to reblog my post!
    Its a tricky quandry to have, when you need to figure how to get your sleuth from A to B without overwhelming or confusing your readers.
    But the pursuit continues!
    Thanx again

    Liked by 1 person

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