Friday Roundup – 13th July

Check out these useful links from Stevie Turner’s Friday Roundup fromt his post on her blog.

Stevie Turner

Thanks to the authors and bloggers below for their useful writing tips:

1.  Laura Peters on how to become a professional author:

How To Become a Professional Author

2.  Rachel Poli for these July / August writing contests:

3.  D.G Kaye has found some useful tips for writers too:

4.  Frances Caballo for this interesting blog regarding the use of social media for selling books:

5.  Derek Haines with this info on Amazon’s ‘hidden’ promotional button:

6.  TCK Publishing for these book promotion sites:

7.  Nicholas C. Rossis on writing a book blurb:

8.  Lauren Reyes Grange on promoting your book on Goodreads:

How to use Goodreads to Promote your Book

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