Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Check out this author inspiration and useful writing links from this post on Staci Troilo’s blog.

Staci Troilo

I’ve been in edit-mode recently. So much so, getting back into writing has been difficult. Compounding problems? I was working on song lyrics for my WIP. And I am not a songwriter. Sure, I can come up with clever parodies (look out, Weird Al!), but starting from scratch, especially when I don’t have a melody? It wasn’t pretty.

Truth be told, it was crippling. Nothing like attempting something you suck at to totally derail you.

So, I did projects that didn’t need doing. I wrote blog posts that could have waited. My anxiety grew because I have deadlines looming and I was putting off writing.

And that’s where this week’s quote, by Jodi Picoult, came into play.

You can’t edit a blank page.

Wise words. My procrastination wasn’t getting me anywhere. It was only making things worse.

I happen to be pretty lucky, as far as writers go.

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