See the Forest & the Trees

Check out P.H. Solomon’s post on the Story Empire blog on the topic of seeing the forest & the trees.

Story Empire

Cawdor Castle was the setting of Macbeth – image from Lecardinal & shown through creative commons license.

There’s an age-old idiom which we still use today and which goes something like this: “You cannot see the forest for the trees.” The meaning for most of us is plain; we tend to be too close to a problem to actually grasp the scope of it. Shakespeare played on this saying somewhat in Macbeth with Birnham Woods where the forest is seen moving but the detail of enemy actions cannot be discerned so that Macbeth is at a loss to make effective decisions.

The saying is very apt for a writer. Perhaps an even more apt comparison would be that of going snow-blind to your own writing. We need to create distance and I do this for myself by converting my various draft versions to .epub to read them. But this distance…

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