Guest Post: “In The Shadow Of The Gallows” by Helen Hollick

Check out this guest post featuring the book, In The Shadow Of The Gallows, by Helen Hollick from Writer Christoph Fischer’s blog.


Here is a guest post by the wonderful Helen Hollick, award winning author and a great supporter of other writers.

Pirates have fascinated people for several centuries. They were the  terrorists of their age, these sailors of the early eighteenth century who went ‘On the Account’ hoping to gain a fortune  often led a short, but exciting life. Albeit one supplemented by rum and debauchery. Theirs was a harsh life, overshadowed by the presence of death by injury, illness or the hangman’s noose. But the lure of gold, the excitement of the Chase – and the freedom that life aboard a pirate ship offered, was worth the risk.

Or was it? 

Helen has written a series of nautical Voyages based around her fictional pirate, Captain Jesamiah Acorne and his ship, Sea Witch, but her latest UK release in paperback is a non-fiction book – Pirates: Truth and Tales published by…

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