Do you hide your light under a bushel?

Check out this thought-provoking post from Jean’s Writing blog on hiding your light under a bushel

Jean's Writing

Or do you let it shine for all to see?

I’m not exactly shy. But I do have trouble tooting my own horn. When someone asks me how I spend my time, I become tongue-tied.

I can talk to anyone, about anything except my writing, blogs or books.

There are lots of reasons writers have this problem. Me?

Fear of judgment and rejection. Not disapproval but often people who don’t understand the process can be dismissive. Attitudes range from, oh how fun, how easy, to what takes so long. After all, they can read a book in a few days. What can possibly be so hard about a couple of picture books?


So, I try to avoid sharing. When ask, I turn around the conversation to something or someone else.

Do you need encouragement to speak up?

Then you’ll want to read this terrific post – Feel the fear and…

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