5 Conflict-making Choices Characters Can Make (Part Two) – From the Writers in the Storm Blog

Two days ago, in Part One of this three-part series, I began sharing how to use The Five Thieves of Happiness by John Izzo in our writing to provide inner conflict for our characters. I only had “time” in the first post to share one “thief.” In this post I’ll share two more. (Why do I always think I can accomplish more with fewer words? The same thing happens in my books. One book turns into two…)

Now that one of your characters has learned to surrender to what is happening, accept the hard truths in life, accept that only the present moment is real, and can practice notice, stop, and replace when necessary, we’re ready to move on with two other ways for your characters to create their own internal conflict.


This “thief” allows the ego to run free, making your character believe that she must distinguish herself to be happy. Status and importance rule her daily life. You can see this played out on social media, with the obsession to get likes and shares and comments. and me rule every thought, every action, in the search for happiness—which always seems just around the next corner.

When your character’s “story” doesn’t match the one in his head, there’s a problem. Mortality and death can become an issue. Your character separates from others, whether family, friends, co-workers or society because of the need to be great, from an ego standpoint.

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