The Story Arc & Why Stories Captivate!

Check out this great post from Kristina Stanley’s blog on The Story Arc and Why Stories Captivate


Are you struggling to make your story work?

The story arc can help you.

The story arc is made up of the Inciting IncidentPlot Point 1, the Midpoint and Plot Point 2, and the Climax.

There are those who think the story arc is a formula to follow and that it will stifle creativity. I don’t believe this. I think the story arc is about form, not formula, and it inspires me to tell better stories.

Writing a novel is a personal story arc.

Inciting Incident: You’ve been living your life, but something just isn’t right. AND THEN…your brain tells you that you need to write a story. You don’t know yet how hard this is going to be, but the world has changed, and you’re going to roll with it. So here’s the problem. How are you going to write 80,000 to 100,000 words…

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