Any Word You Write Could Be Your ‘Downfall’. That’s a Lot of Pressure.

Check out this post from the Novelty Revisions blog with a discussion on the balance between what you write and the criticism you receive.

Meg Dowell Writes

No writer or creator of any kind — no human being — enjoys negative criticism.

It often feels personal, even when it isn’t. It makes us feel like our hard work isn’t appreciated, that our thoughts don’t count, that our opinions don’t matter.

It makes us wonder whether or not our words are even worth it.

But that’s also why so many of us keep publishing on a variety of platforms. In many ways, we’re desperate to figure out the right combination of phrases, the right medium, the best times, to express how we feel in a way that will somehow resonate with people, both familiar and strangers.

This isn’t always a bad thing. Many writers and creators become influencers in their respective niches because they keep trying different ways to reach their audiences until they figure out a way that works.

But it’s not always good. Especially when we…

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