Summer and Writing

Check out this post from the Story Empire blog on summer and writing.

Story Empire

Hello, SE Readers! Hope all is well in your world this Monday. My post today is short and sweet, but I think it’s something most of us can relate to.

Summer doesn’t officially arrive until later this month but believe me when I say it’s summer here in Texas. Ninety-degree daytime highs moved in a couple of weeks ago, and rainfall has virtually stopped. Not that I’m complaining. We had winter-like weather through the end of April.

I love summer. Longer days, shorter nights, spending time outdoors in the evenings while listening to the night sounds. I like being able to get up and go straight to my writing desk without waiting for the house to get warm. (We keep the house chilly at night during the winter months.)

Summer also presents challenges for many writers. Kids are out of school and demand more time. Many of us are involved…

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