Cover Reveal For My Latest Release

I’m very excited about my upcoming release, Extra Innings. It is a bit of a departure for me as I’ve written mostly detective and mystery novels.

This book started as a memory from childhood of the old minor league baseball stadium in my home town. I spent many summer days there. I remember exciting games that often competed with the volatile Upstate New York weather. I even remember the field having to be plowed so there wouldn’t be snow to interrupt opening day.

The book then twists in the direction of the supernatural. The underlying theme comes from the age old conundrum, if you could go back and change anything in your life, would you?

Here is the blurb I’ve been trying out:

Joe McLean hated his life. He was middle-aged, divorce and living in a small apartment. The only bright spot in his life was cheering on his hometown baseball team. Now, the stadium that was the place of so many childhood and adult baseball memories was being replaced.

Joe desperately wants a piece of this iconic venue to preserve his memories and maybe have some memorabilia from his happier past. That’s when unusual things begin to happen, and Joe begins to rethink the direction his life has taken.

Can Joe take a different path in life? Can he use the special ability that he has acquired to change the course of his life? Will he realize the old adage, you can never go home again, is true?

Follow the twists and turns in the supernatural story, Extra Innings to find out.

I’m going to enroll this book in the Kindle Scout program soon. If you feel inclined in spreading the word once I do so, I will be reaching out. My last book, Blood Match, thanks to the help of this blogging community, was on the hot list for 22 days out of 30 during it’s Kindle Scout run. Although I didn’t receive a publishing contract from Amazon, it did give the book a boost when it was released.

Finally, here is the cover. I’d love your feedback and comments.


87 thoughts on “Cover Reveal For My Latest Release

  1. Reblogged this on Eric's blog and commented:
    Today’s reblog. Don is writes mysteries, which to be honest are really my thing but follow his blog because he such a nice chap. He’s now written a book more my tastes so I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it when it comes out.

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  2. An excellent cover, Don. The impact of the blue seat (and number) really reaches out and demands attention. Congratulations! If I was browsing in a book store, this cover would definitely make me pick up the book to explore more.

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