Inciting Incident In The Context Of The Story Arc

Check out this helpful post from Kristina Stanley’s blog on inciting incidents in the context of a story arc.


You’ve written a first draft. And with that major milestone completed, I’ll guess you want others to read your story and love it.


That means you need to take your first draft and tell a better story. One way to to tell a better story is to evaluate the story arc while you’re performing a story edit.

Today, we’ll cover the the first key event in the story arc. The inciting incident.

What is an inciting incident?

The inciting incident is the moment the protagonist’s world changes in a dramatic way.

It’s a major turning point that occurs before the midpoint of the first act. Note it doesn’t have to be the first event in your story.

The dramatic change can be positive or negative and should give the protagonist a goal she can’t turn away from.

To make your inciting incident shine, make it cause both a conscious and…

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